The Music of Japan’s Metro – Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts

January 21, 2021

This week’s entertainment fact comes all the way from Japan, where commuters are treated to a fun jingle each and every time that the train departs a station. We delve in to this phenomenon to see who composed these jingles, why they exist and what they mean.

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New Duos for your Wedding in 2020

January 22, 2020

When we book duos for weddings, they are normally booked for the welcome drinks, ceremony and drinks reception. We have a host of options available on our website but there are many more acts available as well! Here are some of the newer acts that you can book for a wedding which we highly recommend.

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5 Great Reasons to Book a Stage Magician for an Event

January 20, 2020

There are a number of great reasons to book a stage magician for an event. Hugely memorable and guaranteed to impress, we’ve listed five excellent reasons you might wish to book one. And we didn’t even mention that we can book magicians who have appeared on Britain’s Got Talent! Wow!

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Can Monkeys Write Shakespeare? – Ooh, Interesting! Fascinating Facts

January 17, 2020

We at Sternberg Clarke absolutely love Shakespeare. We often do themed Shakespeare events, book entertainment at the Globe Theatre and go and see Shakespeare plays around London as and when we can. Although we love the bard, we have to acknowledge the classic theorem that argues monkeys could write his plays if given enough time. But is this true?

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Burns Night Entertainment Acts

January 15, 2020

Burns Night is a huge event in Scotland and occurs on 25th January each and every year. Traditionally it is an evening where guests gather to enjoy a Burns supper and celebrate the life and poetry of Robert Burns on the date of his birth. Not only do guests enjoy Haggis but they also enjoy some entertainment! Not sure want to book? Here are some ideas.

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Q&A with Sky the Magician - Magic Month

January 13, 2020

Magic Month continues at SC Towers and how better to celebrate than by interviewing a magician on our roster? The always excellent Sky the magician was more than happy to chat to us and answer a few questions about magic at events.

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How is the UK Top 40 Calculated?

January 10, 2020

The UK top 40 might not be the behemoth it once was when Oasis and Blur duked it out for number one back in the early nineties but it still remains a hugely important way for record labels to discover just how many people are enjoying their artists’ music each and every week. But how are the music charts calculated today?

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Interactive Wedding Entertainment Ideas

January 08, 2020

Interactive wedding entertainment ensures that guests are guaranteed to chat with one another at your event. Sometimes it can be difficult to work out where everybody should sit at the wedding breakfast but with these interactive entertainment ideas, we guarantee that any awkwardness will be a thing of the past long before everyone sits down to some incredible food.

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5 Magic and Mentalism Options for your Event - Magic Month

January 06, 2020

Welcome to magic month! Yes, we are looking to have a few themed months this year and our blog posts will reflect that. As we welcome in the magic of a new year (oh come on, it sort of works), we felt that it would only be right to show a few different magic and mentalism options that you can book for your event.

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The Greatest New Year’s Eve Show @ Wentworth Club

January 03, 2020

What do you get if you blend New Year’s Eve, circus performance and The Greatest Showman into one particular event? The answer is, of course, The Greatest New Year’s Eve Show! Performed at and for Wentworth Club in Surrey, these photos showcase a spectacular way to end the decade on a high! We hope you enjoy them.

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