5 Great Reasons to Book a Stage Magician for an Event

January 20, 2020

There are a number of great reasons to book a stage magician for an event. Hugely memorable and guaranteed to impress, we’ve listed five excellent reasons you might wish to book one. And we didn’t even mention that we can book magicians who have appeared on Britain’s Got Talent! Wow!

Creates a Spectacle

 The first reason to book a stage magician for an event is simple; it creates a visual spectacle. With everybody seated after dinner, and perhaps a lull occurring in conversation as the meals come to an end and guests are feeling full, there’s nothing better than being able to sit back and enjoy a tremendously visual show that will entertain each and every person in the room. What’s more, it is certain to make your event memorable a year or two down the line!

Audience Engagement, Interaction and Participation

 When it comes to booking entertainment, many people want to book something that will engage and ensure a bit of interaction amongst guests. Stage magicians are excellent at this; with a microphone to hand they can involve literally everybody in the room in the same trick and if it’s a corporate event, there’s nothing more exciting for guests than seeing the CEO have to go up on stage and help with a magic trick.

Bespoke Tailoring and Customisation

 Stage magic is all about the big reveal at the end of each trick and since it takes place on stage, all eyes are on the props being used. With this in mind, a great reason to book a stage magician for an event is because the show itself can be tailored and customised to a client’s needs. Whether that means including the company logo during the big finale or the magician constantly alluding to the company motto during each trick, it’s a great way of creating bespoke entertainment for guests.

Hugely Versatile

 As customisation to magic tricks suggests, a stage magic show is hugely versatile. Whether you are looking for a vanish or close-up magic beamed out to every guest from the stage, most illusionists can conjure up a number of different tricks, mixing and matching to create the perfect show for an event. There are a number of different professional magicians that we use for stage magic and the beauty is that each is more specialised in one trick than another; this means you can always find the right magician for your event.

It’s Great Fun!

 The final reason is perhaps the most obvious. Stage magic is great fun! There is nothing quite like witnessing a show live whether it’s in the West End or at an event to which you have been invited. The lights, the props, the colour, the entertainment, the charisma of the magician – the combination of showmanship with the visual splendour is something everything will enjoy and makes for a fabulous evening’s entertainment that will be absolutely unforgettable.

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By Henry Fosdike